Assemble - Build your own neighbourhood

Assemble - Build your own neighbourhood

We bring people together

to build their own homes

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What is Collective Self Build?

Collective self build is when people build their own homes, together.

Self build doesn’t necessarily mean that you do all the building work yourself – you can have as much or as little input as you wish – it simply means that the house is being built specifically for you, rather than speculatively.

Where we live should be affordable, environmentally and economically sustainable and allow for active community participation, but mainstream housing options often lack these qualities.

Assemble Collective Self Build was formed to facilitate the community-led development of sustainable homes and resilient neighbourhoods.

How do we do it?

Connect People

If you’re not already in a group of self builders, we can connect you with like minded potential self builders in the same area and help you establish a suitable group structure such as a co-operative.

Find Land

Self build groups can access development opportunities via our relationships with private and local authority landowners. We represent groups in negotiating acquisition, planning and community consultation.

Source Finance

Be it private self build mortgages, financing from a social lender or reaching shared equity arrangements, our expertise can help you find and evaluate the best way to finance your project.

Form Partnerships

The right design team and contractor are essential for a successful collective self build. We form and facilitate these partnerships in order to develop design, construction and training tailored to your needs.

Coordinate Development

With our experience in all stages of delivering a construction project, we continue through to guiding groups with the on site project phase to ensure your active involvement and autonomy.

Who are we?

Angela Doran BSc Hons PgD

Angela is an experienced self-builder and property developer. She specialises in building connections between communities and agencies such as regeneration companies, planning authorities, local government and housing professionals, ensuring that the needs of each are met equitably. She currently provides project coordination for our collective passive house project in Edinburgh.
Interests: connecting communities, problem solving and creative writing

David Howel MA Hons MSc MRTPI

With qualifications in town planning and urban design, and over 15 years experience in various roles for national housebuilders, developers and property consultants, David uses skills such as land negotiation, cost planning and urban design for larger sites to enable new housing projects to be realised. He is currently securing social investment funding for our development of 10 terraced energy efficient homes.
Interests: land, development finance and co-op housing

Akiko Kobayashi BA Hons MArch RIBA

Akiko worked in architectural practice for 10 years prior to focussing on the facilitation of community led development in the built environment. She has hands-on site experience and is a certified Passivhaus designer. Using insights from past co-creation projects, Akiko designs ways for self builders to explore the potential of their proposals, communicate their vision and gain practical skills to develop self-efficacy.
Interests: construction skills, energy efficient homes, city cycling

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